Sometimes mama gets it SO DAMN RIGHT.


Normally I wouldn’t let her anywhere near the stove, she’s just not terribly domestically-inclined, and has a bad habit of setting off smoke alarms with her, ahem, “cooking”.  Apparently, she bought “ingredients” to make some cookies for me awhile ago, and they have been taunting her ever since.  Now “ingredients” to her are usually a mishmash of things that make no sense together, don’t taste good together, and get thrown away in disgust after sitting for an inordinate amount of time in the refrigerator taking up valuable real estate that could be filled with normal, good-tasting food that someone else made.  BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT, today she decided that SHE HAD HAD ENOUGH.


And so ‘a baking she went.  Brought out all of her “ingredients” and hoped for the best.  Today’s cookies brought to you mostly by the fine ingredients courtesy of Trader Joe’s, with a quick run to the ShopRite as well.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and make these delicious cookies) is:  Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour (approx 1 cup), TJ’s quick-cook oatmeal (approx. .5 cup), TJ’s flaxseed with blueberry (approx. 1 heaping tablespoon), 1 jar of Gerber Chicken baby food, and enough rice milk to make a thick dough.  Don’t sweat the exact ratios, if mama can do it, ANYONE CAN.  Roll it out thinly (it should be tough but sticky), cut into amusing shapes.  Heat the oven to 325, cook ’em for about 10-15 minutes, then let ’em sit in the oven as it cools down.  Then you should put on any and all protective gear that you own, especially for your hands and arms, because this is what you will see coming at you:


Yes, mama made one Airedale-shaped one for me.  She just happens to have an Airedale-shaped cookie cutter (she just happens to have Airedale-shaped everything, oh and cat-shaped everything too).  Don’t judge us.


Once the initial excitement is over (and you have counted all of your fingers to be sure that you still have 10 – or however many you had when this all started), then the little hearts can come out.


I watched mama the entire time – these were EASY to make.  Yes, she did set off the smoke alarm twice (but that’s normal around here whenever she is near the stove so I wouldn’t hold it against her).  But they are DELICIOUS and have no crap in them.  It wasn’t easy for either of us to stop feeding them to me.  I am a picky gourmand, and usually would sniff at a new treat before showing it the tail.  BUT NOT THESE.  Did I get a few too many?  Yup.  Did mama cry a little knowing that she had actually made my cookies and that I loved ’em?  Sure.  Did we remember to put them into a glass container with a top so that they will stay fresh until I get a chance to eat them all?  You betcha.




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