Because it is!


I turned 8 today, which is cause for celebration!  I’m a birthday-loving boy, and mama knows just how I like to be spoiled on my big day.


Cookies, of course.  Some sort of special Birthday cookie is always in order.  I like these from the Just Dogs Bakery here in Philadelphia.  Picked this one our special myself.


Major walkies – of course.  And because today wasn’t humid or outrageously hot, the evening walkie was extra long so that I could visit all of the dog stores in my neighborhood and let everyone know that today is a holiday.  And so that I could score free birthday treats.


Dinner must also be special.  Mama cooks for me (I have my own crockpot and everything) so a chicken soup isn’t anything out of the ordinary.  But today I got a little something extra in my soup – chicken livers – which I gobble up even before the soup cools down.  IT’S THAT GOOD.  Served in a special Gmundner keramik Austrian plate because only dogs eat out of dog bowls.


I do feel special, and I do know how much my mama loves me.  We are the BESTEST team!  But really, thanks mama for the special cookies, chow, and walkies – you really know how to make a guy feel SPECIAL.




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