About the time before the humidity came…


And remind me again exactly WHY we moved to a place where the heat and humidity make it like living in a sauna?  You know that I won’t let you shave me, so why would you think that this heat would be a good idea?  The Pacific Northwest was awfully darned nice, weather-wise, I remember days of sitting in parks and walking through forests.  The occasional monsoon wasn’t too bad, and the constant threat of rain didn’t bother me at all.


Too.  Damn.  Hot.


Even the trusty water-bottle-on-a-sling-filled-with-ice-cubes isn’t going to cut it when they’re talking Heatwave here in Philly.  Heat is bad, heat + humidity is darned awful.


Oh, you think that I smell bad from all of this?  Imagine what my sensitive sniffer must be going through with YOU around, mama.  Still love you and all, but, whew!




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