First Friday is always fun – except for when the streets are so hot you can fry an egg on them.  Today is really SO DAMN HOT with a mixture of heat and humidity, I had to do repeat visits to my favorite doggie stores just to soak up a little aire-conditioning.

But I digress.  Notice anything?

Bogart Beads

Yep.  I got this fine strand of shiny green beads.  From the Geico lady.  Now I know what you’re thinking – did I have to show my boobs to get them?   Hell, no.  While I would happily show off my man-nipples for a tummy rub (only from mama, everyone else don’t even think about it) all I had to do to get this fine strand was give mama a high five.  Easy peasy.

And did I mention that IT’S TOO DAMN HOT?



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