Yes, I know that I have mentioned that it is hot outside. I may have even alluded to a bit of humidity. But really, IT IS TOO DAMN HOT OUTSIDE here in Philadelphia.


Drastic times call for drastic measures. Today it meant breaking out the Ruffwear Cooling Vest that mama bought for me back when we lived in Portland. It worked really well in that not-terribly-humid environment, how would it do in the sauna here?


Aside from a lot of snotty looks and a few odd comments (Why is your dog wearing a coat in this heat? Is that a Thundershirt?), it was really a success. My long, black back stayed extremely cool and I was able to do a full evening walkie without laying down to rest. Mind you, we always walk in the shade as much as possible (mama calls us, “Shade Seeking Missles”), and mama always has a bottle of water for me to drink. We also plan our walks around local fountains so that I can get a soaking when I need it (none of the fountains around here allow dogs inside, people here are no damn fun).


So we were definitely unsure if the Cooling Vest would do much in this humidity, and mama brought along a bag just in case we had to take it off. But damn, once on the road I was rockin’ that vest and happy to be wearing it.


During our hour walkie, we stopped twice to resoak and for me to have a drinkie. By the time we got home, it was just about dry and the bottle was empty so it was time to hit the aire conditioning anyway.


Thanks Ruffwear for making this fine item. A very black fuzzy dog with a normally broiling back thanks you.



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