A boy has to do what a boy has to do.

In the name of all that is holy (cookies), I interrupt this regularly-scheduled walkie to let you know mama that I need a cookie now.

Oh come on – who are you kidding?  I know that you have cookies in those giant pockets of yours.  Every day you pack my tiger bag full of delicious morsels of happiness.  Why would today be any different?

Ok, this is getting real.  GIMME COOKIES

Ok, you leave me no choice.  Lemme look around to see if anyone will witness this.

That’s it – I’M GOIN’ IN.  Knocking you down mama, taking what is rightfully mine (and really, who else is going to eat ’em?)…

Yes, I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m cute.  And really strong.  Because I get to knock you down in the middle of the street, steal cookies, and you’re still smiling.

We make a fine team, and I’m not ashamed to show you how much I love you mama, even in the middle of the street.

Partners in crime, yessiree, that’s what we are.  Don’t worry mama, I’m the only one who gets to knock you down!  Oh, and thanks for the cookies, that hit the spot.



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