The fine folks at Evanger’s have sent us an amazing box chock full of dog and cat food for us to try.  Mama opened the box, we got ready for the evening walkie, and left it on the floor.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers (mainly because I don’t have any), but someone thought it would be a good idea to help himself to some of the booty.

It was interesting enough apparently to rip open in a wild feeding frenzy, but yet unusual enough to not entirely consume and leave for me to vacuum up when I returned from my walkie.  (I don’t care that it was cat food, it was delicious).  So paws up for the Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit!

 This is what we will be tasting this week.  Note the fine array of both canine and feline foods and treats.

 I’m looking forward to taste-testing these, but I will wait until they are opened properly.

Perhaps now?




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