Look out world, HERE I COME

I have never met a red carpet I didn’t like.  Doesn’t matter if there is something going on or if there is nothing going on.  I’m gonna work that carpet like nobody’s business.

Puparazzi?  Give ’em the shot they’re looking for.

Go ahead, get those shots.  It is me.  I realize that you don’t see a handsome Dale just every day.

Questions?  I’ll answer your questions.  The answers are always – No, No, and Yes (when there is delicious food involved).

Yes, treats do help to get the shot you’re looking for.

Is it kind of me to get the red carpet ready for whatever event will be happening later?  You betcha.  I wildly entertained a group of utility workers while I did my schtick.  And happy utility workers are a good thing, right Philadelphia?


I’m just a simple Dale, doing my part for the city I live in.

And lookin’ damn good while doing it.  That’s who I am, and what I do.



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