Ah, the pleasures of autumn.  Wind lightly ruffling through the fuzz, humidity on the downward slide, just enough warmth to require a sweater, a full coat of airefuzz, or some brisk walking.

When faced with a choice, a brisk walkie does it every time.  Today I chose both brisk-ness and distance, and took mama all the way to the Schuykill river.  No reason not to, it’s a bee-oo-ti-ful day.

See?  All of that fine natural light (you know, the big glowing ball in the sky that you habitually hide from, mama) makes for some fine Airedale photos.

Majestic posing, to be sure.

Oh how happy I am to be panting because of my nice long walk rather than because of the oppressive heat and humidity.  It is truly a welcome change.

And allows me to lay in wait in case any delicious cookies fall my way.

Come on mama, spare a cookie or two.  DOG NEEDS ENERGY

While I am waiting for you to figure out how to get those fine cookies out of your bag, I shall amuse myself by eating various flowers, sticks, and oh anything else I can find here.

And you don’t want that, now do you?

Perhaps I could indulge in an entire park lunch – I am sure there must be some discarded chicken bones around here somewhere.

Or something else dangerous.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Keep the cookies comin’!


See?  All gone.  NEED MORE COOKIES

And now it’s really time to get moving again.  No more sitting for you.  No need to worry, just give me the Flexi and I’ll drive.

This is my standard “yes I am ignoring you, come on damnit I want to walk now” pose.

It’s patented, but all of you doggies feel free to use it anytime you wish.  It works.



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