What goodness is this?


Really, dogs.  How could you leave this fine specimen behind in the park without knowing?

Easy to carry, easy to catch, holds the slobber well.  SCORE!

 Oh that looks good.  Yes I would like that.


 Heh.  Mine.  Now I must guard it against all interlopers.

 Protect it with the powerful combination of my mighty jaw and my fuzzy paw.

 I sense a threat.  From some little yippy dog.  Must be on the move.

 There really is no reason for you to carry that wiffle ball, mama.  I can carry it myself.  And I will find a lovely new place for it.  Perhaps dig it a new hole here in the park.

Oh, don’t tease me.

Really now, this is cruel.

How many pictures of a boy’s action-packed jaws do you need?


Oops.  Slightly anti-climactic jump as that damn ball bounced off of my teeth.  Notice that I am sticking out my tongue in disgust at it’s inability to cooperate with my plans.

 Ok.  All is right again with the world.  Ball is safely back where it belongs.

And this lovely stick will round out today’s bounty.

I can carry ’em both, mama.  Really I can.  One ball and one stick?  Puppy play.

It’s mostly that this damn humidity is keeping me from running wildly through the grass, wind in my fuzz, so that I can pose majestically with my newest toys.

Well that and I see another dog.

Yeah, that’s right.  A stick AND a wiffle ball.  I know, I AM DA MAN…



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