You know that this doesn’t usually bother me, and while I am delighted for the respite from the ever-maddening heat and humidity, I fear it may be too short-lived.

And I get much wetter now with the shorter Aire-do.  I don’t dislike it, but I definitely do notice the difference.  More full-body shaking is required to keep me from getting soaked than it used to.

But it’s ok.  I don’t mind waiting here.  For as long as it takes the rain to slow down.  I’ve got nothin’ but time.

Time to think about the larger challenges of the world, what’s going on in the news, the political situation, the Pussy Riot verdict.  Oh, and when I can get home for treats.

Where is that bus going?  Who is on that bus?  Did he remember to gas up before heading out?

Deep.  Airedale.  Thoughts.

Ah hell, right now it’s all about keeping dry-ish and waiting out the worst of the downpour.  Glad I found this little enclave in which to hide.  And I have just confirmed that we do have treats so if this takes awhile I WILL NOT STARVE (whew!)



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