Find yourself out on a walkie on a stupidly-hot day like today?  I’ve got a great tip for you:

Whenever you get just too damn warm, hit the ATM.  Pretty much any ATM will do.  In my experience, they’re all super-aire-conditioned, and most of ’em have tile floor.

Maybe your mama is like mine – not much reason to visit the ATM.  Something about me earning some cash so that we can visit the ATM more often (blah blah blah).

Friends, I GIVE YOU A REASON.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  Hell, it might even be dangerous.  HIT THE ATM

Remind your dad or mama to bring that ATM card with you on your hot-weather-walkie.  They don’t have to take any out (it’s just to gain entry to this oasis of cool, breezy happiness).




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One thought on “Hot Weathaire Tip”

  1. Ah, great advise Bogart! You do look nice and cool. Do hate that humidity, but when ya gotta walk, you gotta walk, right? Hey, didn’t you have a cooling vest? I gotta get me one of those.



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