Crazy, eh?

HUGE thunderstorm here last night.

Many trees were felled all over the city.  And I was there to do my part.

I thought I would offer my services in stick removal.  Well, I tried to get those giant sticks in my mouth to carry them around proudly.  They were just too damn big for any serious romping, tho.

It’s hard to see in mama’s crappy early-morning-so-I-only-had-my-cell-phone-on-me photos, but this is one of the trees that is now essentially armless.  Even harder to see is the either drunk or homeless guy sleeping on that bench in the lower right corner.  He’s going to have a helluva surprise when he wakes up.

This tree branch was so big and heavy it took out a lamp post.

In the midst of all of this carnage, I did the one thing I always think to do in these (and well, pretty much all) situations.

I’m sure happy that we weren’t walking in the park when this happened.  Mama has an odd tendency to get hit with falling tree branches, and this one surely would have hurt.

Yes, it’s horrible for the tree.  Not really great for the lamp post.  But damn, now I will have to walk all the way around when I want to visit the doggie water fountain because the entire entrance is now blocked with tree detrius.

Stupid tree.

Stupid MASSIVE tree.

Stupid MASSIVE tree taking up my entire normal morning park entrance.

Oh well.  I will just have to satisfy myself with this tasty, and infinitely more portable, stick from your fall.  I WIN



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One thought on “The Rain in Pennsylvane Falls Mainly in a Way That is INSANE”

  1. Good gwief Bogawt
    that is some cwazy stowm..thank dog you and yoow Mom awe all wight
    how dawe it block the entwance to yoow Pawk???sheeesh
    well at least you DID get the last bawk, umm, I mean the stick
    smoochie kisses

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