We make a DAMN FINE team. ¬†Show your mama some lovin’ today!



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6 thoughts on “Mama and Me”

  1. Hello, Bogart and Mom! We’ve missed you terribly, glad to be back for a visit. Reading your “Most Interesting Dog” post — hilarious. Adorable content as always. Thanks for sharing some pure joy. We need more of that in this harsh world. Hugs, Cheryl & Kirby a.k.a. the Kirbster

  2. Hi Bogart and Lulu. I’m sure you won’t remember us from blog posts long ago, but we’ve continued to follow your journey. Both of my corgi men, Morgan and Casey, have since passed away… Morgan this past September at 13 yrs, and Casey nearly 3 years ago at 14 yrs. We have a new little corgi girl, 10 month old Macy (Morgan + Casey = Macy). She is fearless and wonderful. Her nickname is Macy Mayhem, with good reason. Every time I drive through Philly, I look to see if I can catch a glimpse of one of those famous walkies. No such luck yet, but since I’m there every few months, it could still happen! (I’m near Atlantic City)

    Much puppy love to you from our sweet little Corgi girl!

  3. Hi Susan!

    Of course we remember! Sorry to hear about your boys… Macy Mayhem sounds like she’s going to keep you busy!

    Yes, keep your eyes peeled whenever you’re out and about in Center City – Bogart is, as you know, a prolific walker, dragging me behind and ever in search of a new post to pee on.

    Lots of love!
    Lulu & Bogart

  4. Hi Bogart,

    You and your ma look so happy together! You are a very handsome boy, I’ve been following your adventures for a while now, just thought I would stop by and say ‘Hi’!

    Wet nose pokes,

  5. So glad you remember us! I drive across the Ben Franklin and head down Vine for a doctor appointment on N. Broad Street. I will keep looking!!


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