So say that your mama has been sitting around, drinking too much wine.  But she’s cheap – and only buys the three-buck-Chuck from Trader Joe’s.  And she likes to reuse and/or recycle stuff.  And she lives in an apartment.  And she likes flowers.  (Ok, this is how we know that I’m not talking about my mama – flowers aren’t her thing, and if you saw her trying to grow flowers they wouldn’t be nearly as colorful – they’d be hanging on for dear life).

Someone has a pretty cool sensibility, however.   Proper re-use, indeed.

Take that old Charles Shaw bottle, add it to some sort of ground-plug-thing-y, and voila – cheapo automatic flower water-er.

If we grew stuff, we’d do this.  But we don’t.  And that’s better for plants everywhere.  We like to eat ’em, not so much to grow ’em.  But if you need any help emptying those bottles…



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