What’s this?  A sparkly dog cookie?  How can this be?

See it’s sparkl-y-ness…

Lets see just how delicious sparkles can be, shall we?  Mama tried to warn me that sometimes the sparkly decorations aren’t that tasty (apparently she knows this from previous experience), but I’m willing to sacrifice my taste buds in the name of science (well, in the name of snacks).

Hm.  One bite isn’t enough to make a proper decision.  I should have one more.

Rolling it around on my tongue, swishing it around on the floor.  No – still not sure.

This is important research that I am conducting here in my room.  Perhaps one more bite, you know, so that I can be sure…

Yeah, it’s yummy.  Sparkles and all.  You can just leave that here mama, experiment over!



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