A damn fine day for a long walkie.  We haven’t made it down to the Schuylkill for a long time – well, to be fair it has been cold and winter and all – but today with the sun shining and mama not at work, here we are.

There is a lovely trail for walkers, bikers, and dogs.  Lots of places to picnic and just sit and watch the water go by.

Stump at full mast – I like it here!

Next time I’ll have mama bring a blanket or something to sit on – not that I am ever in the mood to relax during a walkie (no matter how she tries to convince me).  I tend to prefer to plop down whenever the mood strikes – on the sidewalk, just before crossing a major intersection – you know, the moment that tired-ness strikes.  Also, I wouldn’t mind more company (mama thinks so too).

Oh great and mighty Schuylkill, WE WILL BE BACK



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