When even the mighty Airedale WANTS to wear his sweatshirt.

When posing for majestic photos, even a large, juicy stick cannot contain one’s attention.

When the penguin statues begin to appear.

That’s right, I said PENGUIN STATUES

And when it gets so cold that photos of my adorable butt look like paintings.  Welcome (finally) winter!



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6 thoughts on “You Know It’s Cold Outside…”

  1. Yes, it did snow today in Portland and you should see the picture Grandma took of me. I look like I am having the time of my life…but then, isn’t that the way an Airedale is supposed to look? We look that way because we FEEL that way! 🙂

    CricketJunebug (AIREdale extraordinAIRE!)
    and my Grandma, Marlene, my Mom, Jennie, my dad, Kyle, and my kid, Juliette.

  2. Yes, it is snowing in Portland as I type this. Hi Bogart! We sure miss you in the Pacific Northwest. I love your sweats. You look handsome in everything! Savannah sends her love. She gives a paws up for the snow!

    Michelle & Savannah

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