Tonight my kitty brother Willie passed away.  He was here in our apartment, purring and whipping around that extra-furry tail of his, and then we think he had a massive heart attack.  Mama did her very best to hold him and pet him, but in almost an instant, he left us.

Willie joined our furry family only a few years ago – he originally belonged to one of mama and dad’s good friends, and when she passed away he came to live with us.  Aside from a few small differences of opinion (which he generally won), I loved my pal Willie.  He was a long-haired orange tabby, very light of foot and sweet of disposition (except when he was pissed off at me, or when he wanted to pass me in the hallway).  A real handsome devil indeed, expert treat procurer, and from what mama tells me, a warm bed buddy.

A (mostly) gentle giant, Willie even managed to charm this Dale even though he had never lived with dogs before.  I will miss his spirited debates, that gigantic tail that could take you out as he ran by, and the way he made mama so happy.

Run wild and free Willie… WE LOVED YOU SO



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7 thoughts on “RIP Sweet Willie”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s good you have such nice memories of Willie to remember as his spirit moves on.

  2. Dear Bogie and Mama: We are sorry to hear that Willie has joined the group at the Bridge. We know you loved him and took great care of him. Our terrier hearts have never loved a kitty, but we know many of our kind who cherish their feline friends. Willie knows he was loved.

    gussie n teka

  3. Bogie, sweetie, we send you and your mama many (((hugs))) for your sisfur.
    That Rainbow Bridge is waiting for us all, but it’s hard for those left behind.
    But she’s with your dad, right?
    That’s a smilely plus.

  4. We are so sorry to hear that Willie has passed ~ but it comforts us to know your dad is waiting wiv open arms to welcome Willie. Sending you so much love, and purrs. Willie had a wonderful life with you all and was clearly very loved ~ no-cat can ask for more.

    Love milo and Alfie, and our mom xxx

  5. Sweet dreams, Willie, beautiful free Spirit! Gentle hugs to mama, Bogie and the rest of the furry Family.

    Nata, Greg and Griffie (Andy and Bel in Spirit)

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