Yeah.  You’re not getting past me.  I even have a stick ready to go should you be foolish enough to try to break into my apartment.  I protect my kitties, and I protect my mama.  I am the Ultimate Airedale Security System!



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4 thoughts on “Airedale Security System”

  1. Yeah, Bogie … we’s gotted the message. Loud and clear 🙂

    Bel (and who is protecting your food supply, Officer?)

  2. No one would DARE (or should it be D’aire) to come into your house, uninvited! I’m sure you strike fear into the hearts of many! Just like me…Princess Patches. Just yesterday, I scared off some guy who wanted to talk to my mom about some kind of problem with AT&T. I told him we don’t HAVE no stinkin’ AT&T and he finally got the message once Mom told him that: “You don’t WANT me to open this door!”. He promptly left! Yes, we Airedales are a force to be feared…whatever THAT means!


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