I do not believe in doing anything uncomfortable.  Ever.  Especially after a hard days’ worth of sleeping, walking, eating, and pooping.  This pup is pooped, and I believe that only a human-sized bed will do.

So I curl up on mama’s covers, slide on up against the nice, soft pillows, and hunker down for a nice, little nap-ola.

It is difficult to sleep when your mama is constantly putting a camera in your face.

Fine.  Fire away mama.  I’ll be asleep in minutes, anyway.  ON YOUR BED.  With all of your covers under me.



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4 thoughts on “Sleepy B’Aire”

  1. Ahhh, that darling sleepy black NOSE!!! Stylish, too. Why, with all those tasteful and trendy bed arrangements … Bogie, may we suggest a couple of kitties for a finishing touch? And then the mama, of course, in a role of a cherry on top of the cake ?? 🙂

    Bel (too late, mamsie, I already saw HOW Bogie sleeps. I! Demand! The same!! Accommodations!!!!!!! ) :):)

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