A spiffy tiger print new treat bag, that is!  And yes, I needed one.  See the photo below as proof:

See the crappy plastic baggie on the left?   That’s what mama usually uses to carry around my treats on our daily walkies.  I always hear about plastic not degrading, but can attest to the fact that when inside mama’s hip bag and carried (and refilled, naturally) at least twice a day that the plastic does indeed slowly disappear.  Which is good – scientific in a definitely un-scientific-kind-of-way – but which necessitated our finding a new treat bag.  Mama got this one on Etsy – it’s apparently supposed to be for baby treats (baby humans eat duck jerky and liver crackers?  who knew?) – so it’s made with all sorts of nice materials that won’t poison me.  Which I suppose is just fine.  Most important for me is that it’s about the same size, so mama cannot skimp on the cookies.  And she likes the kitty print, so I guess we’re all happy.



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2 thoughts on “Here, Tiger Tiger Tiger”

  1. Teka says that animal prints are all the rage this season – but only if they don’t come from real animals. She says the treat pouch is good. Can you tell me where she comes up with this stuff????


  2. Bogart probably feels better now, knowing that Mama now has a treat (or sorts), since he had such nice Birthday treats!

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