My heart is broken.  My dear Airegirl friend Jupie has passed away.

Longtime followers of my blog know Jupie well – along with Kermit and Robin (who has also sadly left us) – as either the Mareike-Dales or more affectionately, The Mobsties.  There was nothing – NOTHING – so good as going over to Mareike’s house with my dad (damnit, who also has left us) to see my Dale buddies and run around Mareike’s back yard.  Occasionally visit the Good Microbrew for some beer (dad’s) or some cheeseburger (most of Mareike’s).  Then coming back to Mareike’s back yard so that dad could give us treats (or we could just take them by conveniently ripping a hole in his jacket or pants pocket – he was such a sucker for a Dale face).

Jupie was truly the Queen of the household – I remember that girl as being able to put all of us bigger boys in our place with just a look, not even a growl was required.  She was small, but mighty, and you wouldn’t want to mess with Jupie.

We love, love, love her, and tonight when I look up into the sky to see the newest Airedale-shaped star I will be thinking about my buddy Mareike, and the fun times we all had and how much I miss all of that.  I miss my most-understanding pal Kermit (mama says that you and I have to stay healthy FOR A LONG TIME, ok?), and the ones who are missing from our happy group – Robin, Jupie, and Klaus.  I hope that somehow they’re all having a beer and relaxing on a deck somewhere…

And some EXTRA SPECIAL SIZE Aire Kisses to you, my dear friend Mareike, from mama and me.  WE LOVE YOU




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4 thoughts on “Run Wild and Free Jupie”

  1. Amen to that, Bogie! Here’s to Jupie’s beautiful memories!!!

    Bel and ma and pa (we’ll cry a tiny bit with you, when nobody sees,ok?)

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