Most days, this is what my front door looks like.  An assorted pile of sticks that I have brought home from my daily travels.  I like it this way – if I decide to take a stick with me it is waiting for me, and if I don’t then I know exactly where I left them.

But today when I returned from my walkie, my front door looked like this:

Someone – I am informed that it was the cleaning crew who periodically clean and vacuum the hallways of my building – ARRANGED my sticks.  The nerve!  Some stranger was touching my sticks – I just cannot stand for such things.  So I immediately pulled one from it’s boring symmetric arrangement and the entire pile all fell back in front of my door.




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2 thoughts on “Stick-ebana”

  1. The nerve!! Who would mess with your stick stash !?!

    We just read from our Dale pal, ‘Violet’, that your Governor just adopted 2 baby Airedales! I bet he saw you walking around town and was so impressed with your handsomeness!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Datz wot mesays: Art Should NOT be Adulterated, only maybe possibly ADTerated by Maestro Hisself. Amen!

    Bel (Maestro wannabe)

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