Hurricane, eh?

I am suited up, and ready for you Irene.  I pee in your general direction.

I see absolutely no reason why I should curtail my normal walkie pattern because of some wind and rain.  What else is a raincoat for?

I still want to go to the park, I still want to walk in the grass, and I still want to delay going back inside for as long as possible.  The wind and rain in my beard is just a bonus.

Yes, yes, yes, I have heard that the hurricane is going to be much worse tomorrow.  I will be careful.  But I will also be outside as I am not a poopy-pad kind of guy.



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8 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm”

  1. Bogey,

    You look so handsome in your raincoat. Make sure you keep your mama safe in that trecherous weather. We are keeping you both in our prayers here in P-town.

    Sasha & Savannah

  2. Deew Bogie,
    You look smashing in youw waincoat
    I have been going out just like you, I wouldn’t know what to do wif a pee pee pad if the whole house was lined in it, hehehehe

    I even went to my wun befowe they closed it at noon.
    We’we tewwiews!!! Not going to be defeated by some stoopid stowm
    stay safe and cuddle wif youw Mama smoochie kisses

  3. Bogie, you must make absolutely sure that that precious bushy tail of yours stays safe, and so does your mama, and The Kitteh’s Klan. We’ll be trying to blow and growl the winds away from you with as much a gusto as we have in the whole household.

    Bel, and his ma’n’pa

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