It is ALWAYS a good thing when a package arrives addressed to me.  Always.

And packages addressed to me ALWAYS smell good.  From the outside.  That’s how I know the packages are for me.  I have this amazing nose, you see, it’s just a simple biological fact.


PINE CONES!!!  I thought this package smelled extra amazing!!!

The package is from my pal Hobbes – a very intelligent Dale indeed – who collected them from the coast of Maine.  THAT’S LOVE AND TRUE FRIENDSHIP

I once again feel like a mighty oak with my mighty cones.  Philly is woefully underserved in the pine cone area.  And damn, but I miss these things…

Yep, they still taste right…

And now they’re ALL MINE

Oh my dear Hobbes, you are the bestest friend ever – I thank you from the bottom of my fuzzy heart.  These have made me so ridiculously happy, they take me back to my puppyhood and lovely days spent chasing fine cones.

Really, man.  I mean it.  YOU DA MAN HOBBES

I have already started the enjoy-ment of the cones my friend.  From the moment I tore open the box.

Mama and I send you LOTS of love and happy thoughts from us in Philadelphia up to you and your mama in Maine (are you going to be a part of the wedding? – I think you’d make a very dashing Best Man…)



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4 thoughts on “The Maine Event”

  1. bogart!
    i’m glad you got the pine cones. let me know when you need another shipment.

    and…i will be in the upcoming wedding as the “best dog” on my best behavior.


  2. Bogie
    What a delightful suwpwise
    I think Hobbs is a most thoughtful and wondewful fwiend (I agwee he would make a tewwific best man)
    those pine cones look soopew yummie..a pawfect tweat fow you
    Mommi is always sooo jelly of what a wondewful photogwaphew youw Mama is..evewy photo of you is glowious(of couwse I told hew it’s obviously because you awe so soopew handsome) she says she know that pawt, but the composition and clawity of the photos awe all youw Mama’s doing
    smoochie kisses

  3. And you are soooooo cute, Bogie! Those pine cones enhance your already unbearable cuteness … 🙂


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