Make that BESTEST friend.

Mama and I make a ridiculously good team.  We far preferred when we had our team captain Klaus, but mama and I seem to do the co-captain thing pretty darned well.  These photos are an excellent example.  Both of us are hardcore camera hogs – uh, I mean that we both enjoy the spotlight – oh who am I kidding we are both start modeling before the camera is turned on.  Both lookin’ cute, without trying to outshine the other.  TEAMWORK

Mama tells me every day that I saved her life – truth is that I need her as much as she needs me.  Just don’t tell her, I don’t want her getting a swollen head (just think how funny that would look with that crazy red hair)…

Even on something as simple as a necessary sit-down to rest up during the wild and wooly humidity can be turned into a photo op.  Of course some of us are more ready for our closeup than others.

Best. Buddies. FOREVER.  Truly made for each other.  Give your mama (and your dad, if you’re lucky enough to have one) a big kiss today – I did, right after this photo was taken.  Which is exactly why it was the last photo taken.



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