Damn, this humidity is kicking my butt.  After only a few puny blocks, I’m already panting and shuffling along even with my water bottle handy.  What’s a hot, fuzzy boy to do?

Ah, yes.

I’m not allowed in this fountain (nor would I jump in as I’m not THAT fond of being wet) but mama has figured out a semi-genius way of cooling me down while still staying within the law.  We sit on the side, mama scoops up handfuls of water, soaks me down, and then…

I shake it off all over her.  I get wet, she gets wet, we both cool down.  WIN-WIN



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3 thoughts on “Hot Dog!”

  1. We should try that one over here, Bogie. Very clever. 🙂

    Bel (huffing’n’puffing in this heat, too)

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