Water ice!  Today they were out of my favorite lemon, so we went all wild and crazy and got the juicy pear.  Yowza, is it good!

Mama and I share everything.  And we have some very creative ways of sharing water ice.  For the first few bites, mama loads up the spoon and slides it into my mouth so that she can still use the spoon without people walking by getting freaked out that we are both eating from the same spoon.  Works like a charm.  Then she gets brain freeze.  That means that someone has to finish off the delicious water ice before it becomes just, well, water.  That’s when I get to go full-on with the spoon.




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4 thoughts on “Juicy Pear”

  1. Pear flavored beard …mmmmmmmmmm … Bogie … 🙂

    Bel (sardine flavored beard here tonight … mmmmmmmmm, too :):):))

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