Many humans think that we dogs have a very primitive way of communicating with each other.  That we couldn’t possibly be sending complex messages via something so simple.

I am here to prove you wrong.

First, locate the site of a fellow dog’s important message.


Slowly inhale every bit, byte, and piece via your superior sense of smell.  Allow a few moments for your brain to reconstruct the message so that you can understand it.  This may take some time and may involve your flavor-saver beard (if you are lucky enough to possess one).  Do not allow your human to interrupt – this could be important!

Nothing too important today (no girlie dogs in heat, basically).  So just leave a message of your own.  Here I am simply leaving my calling card, to let other dogs (and especially squirrels) know that I have been here.

As always, I AM HERE TO HELP



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One thought on “My Dear… My Card”

  1. Oh, Bogie, we just hope that the squirrels did get your message … he heeeee …


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