Well, well, well.  Mama’s photography skills seem to have failed her.  Big time.  I fully realize that this photo looks like I’m peeing.  But it must be some sort of visual trick because I never pee in the house.  So what is it then?

The lovely folks at Pets and Beyond sent us a new Drinkwell fountain to try out.  Aha, that explains it!

It has been some time since I had the privilege to drink from a Drinkwell.  I love ’em, the kitties love ’em, but apparently in the past they have been a bit, well, of a pain in the butt to keep clean.  Mama mentioned something about my fine beard as being an all-purpose crap catcher… and since the kitties all lose fur in a puff whenever they move a muscle (which isn’t that much, thank goodness, wouldn’t want bald kitties), well, lets just say that keeping the Drinkwell clean was a real challenge for my cleanliness-challenged mama.

Behemoth wanted to try it out first, but I really had to insist that I get to do it.  So he ridiculously gracefully moved over to the cat food bowl – pretending that HE MEANT TO DO THAT.  That’s fine with me Behemoth, as long as I get first dibs on the new Drinkwell!

This is the Drinkwell Platinum.  It’s much more compact that the previous Drinkwell fountains I have had, which mama says bodes really well for the keeping-it-clean issue.  The back pitcher where the water is kept is easy to remove and easy to fill without as much spillage as the old ones did.  Don’t ask how she manages to spill kind of everything, she’s just very talented in her own way.

So this is me taking my first sips from the new Drinkwell.  It looks small compared to my big manly, muscle-y manliness, but honestly it’s really a great size for us all.  I can get the full beard in, and the kitties can slurp easily.  Win-win!

Yes sure, there’s a bit more spillage when I drink than when the kitties delicately lap up the water, but hey, I’M A DOG

Refreshing.  Cool.  AWESOME.

The free-flowing water is just dandy.  I enjoy drinking from the waterfall as well as dipping in for a good slurp in the pool.

There isn’t much that’s better than a Drinkwell.  Drinking from the hose is awesome, taking a couple of slurps while swimming is cool, but a Drinkwell has the added benefit of being able to do it inside, and all the time.  Do not underestimate the convenience.  Getting the humans to pull out the hose or take you to the pool, lake, or what-have-you takes up valuable cuteness, energy, and time.  Why not just have it ready to go in your kitchen?

Really, there are only two choices.  You can have the most amazing dad in the world like I did, who set up this in my favorite back yard in the world in Mareike-land a few years ago:

Yeah that’s right.  MY OWN DRINKING TOILET.  This is the ultimate for ANY dog.

But we are not all lucky enough to have such intelligent humans with crazy ideas and mad skills to make them come true.  So really, a Drinkwell is truly the very-next-best-thing.  And highly recommended by all four of my furry kitty friends, so it’s bi-species-al!

Want to buy your own Drinkwell?  Visit the fine folks at Pets and Beyond – they have ’em ready to rush to your house as well as a whole lotta other cool stuff for you dogs and your feline friends.  Oh, and mama recommends that when you buy your Drinkwell that you also invest in the cleaning kit and some extra filters – trust her on this, cleaning is easy with the right tools!



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2 thoughts on “Drink Well with Pets and Beyond”

  1. HA HA HA, Bogie!!!!! You are unbeatable, unimitable, and your mama totally “gets it”. You are one of the most wonderful families we have a priviledge of (cyber)knowing, your Super Dad Klaus included.

    Keep them coming, sweet pooch,
    And take good care of your very special mama.

    Bel (toilet? we have those … Maaaaaaaaammmm!!!!!! … )

  2. Bogart-
    That Drinkwell is one fancy water bowl. I do enjoy a slurp from the toliet, if the lid is left up, but my favorite place to drink and swim is our froggy pond!


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