Ben Franklin, that is.  We’re going to go see his “house”.

But first I’ve gotta let everyone know that I’ve been here – sign the guestbook, as it were.

Very cool indeed.  Large metal structures that show where Ben’s house was – without the pesky upkeep.  Lots of history here, Ben was quite a guy.

I’m not sure if Ben had a dog, but if he did I’m sure he would have let him run all around with wild abandon – as I plan to do right now.

You know, just to make sure that everything was ok, to provide excellent security for ol’ Ben and all of his cool stuff.

I’m sure he would have been smart enough to have a nice little pond or something for his pup to cool down on a hot day in.  You know, after advising him on important matters and helping come up with all of those great ideas that he had.

Or maybe just a nice place to take a walk on a hot day.  Apparently the walkway just in front of me was the original one that he used to pass through on his way to, well, everywhere.

An odd thing, I think, to preserve, but you humans think of the weirdest things.

Long walks through history make me a thirsty boy.  So happy that I remembered my trough here in Old City…

Huh?  What do you mean this is for horses?  Really?

I shall watch him carefully, just to be sure that he’s really supposed to be there.  And that he doesn’t take all of my water.  Plus, he’s HUGE up close I do admit to being a teeny tiny bit intimidated.

Run free my equine friend – nice to share a drink with you…

Now that I’m refreshed, I think it’s time for more history.  Luckily here in Philadelphia, you find that pretty much everywhere.

This is Elfreth’s Alley.  Been around since 1736.  Pretty darned old for something American.

For me that just means an extra few hundred years’ worth of smells.  Which is never a bad thing.

Lets hear it for history!  And water!



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2 thoughts on “Walking with Ben”

  1. Bogie, we absolutely insist that if Ben did have a dog, it musta’ve been an Airedale. Better yet, a whole bunch of Airedales … Wait, were us Airedales already in the picture back then? Nevermind. Wes, Airedales, were ALWAYS in the picture since the dawn of the hooman civilization.

    And you and your friend Mr.Horsey do look magnificent together. In spite of the fact that you dwarfed him with your stately presence … he heee. Datz our B-O-G-I-E!

    Bel (luv, luv, luv your sunny pictures! :))

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