Damn.  Mama’s trying to capture my shadow again.

I have other ideas.  There is something irresistible here, for example.

Not sure…



Alright, alright.  Try to capture the goodness of my shadow while I inspect this fire hydrant.

Finally, one good one.  Now will you stop taking pictures and get down to the business of the evening walkie?

Oh mama, you’re crazy.  But I do love you…



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One thought on “Shadow Dancin’”

  1. Bogie, this shadow is definitely stalking you, did you notice it? 🙂

    And those streets you and your mama were walking do look so cozy and inviting. I would have definitely stuck my big nosie under that bush, too. Hope you left a decent pee-mail there …

    Bel (trying to run away from my shadow, but no luck so far …)

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