Are you as happy to have your mama as I am happy to have mine?

Yes, sometimes she makes me crazy, and we don’t go on nearly enough walkies for my taste, but SHE’S MINE, and I love her.  And we make a DAMN FINE TEAM.

Love to all the mama’s out there – whether your kiddos have four legs or two…



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3 thoughts on “Happy Mama’s Day”

  1. Bogie…me thinks you have the bestest Mama in the world. I have the bestest muzzer, Miss Asta has the bestest Mommi, and Butchy has the bestest Mama Lamb. All female hu-moms are eccentrically wonderful!


  2. You are still the cutest couple on the block, in any town!!
    Happy Mothers Day!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. Beautifully said, Bogie! And Happy Mama’s Day to your own very special MAMA, too.

    Bel (and his mama)

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