Ok… what is this supposed to be?

Some sort of childs drawing – angry graduate, monster plate spinner, or grumpy frenchman?

I have no freaking idea.  I’m going to have to plead “dog” in this case – as in, I’m a dog so I just cannot fathom what it could possibly be with my “he’s only a dog” brain.  Yes this doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I just… don’t know.

I’m thinking that if I get a little drool onto it, it will add to the artistic integrity of the piece.  Give it that extra something.  Or, well, just keep it from blowing around.



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2 thoughts on “Art is Subjective”

  1. A saint with a halo?

    As a gesture of artistic appreciation, Bel usually pees on various masterPEEcies …

    Bel (yes, I do appreciate arts, and farts … he heeeeee)

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