Purty, aren’t they?

We’ve somehow never discovered this until now.  I think it’s because all of the magnolias are blooming, rather than just bare branches like everything has been for so long.

Must investigate.  Magnolia Tribute Garden – lovely.

Lovelier.  Just needed a little Airedale-ing up.

Apparently George Washington was an aficionado of the magnolia.  The more you know…

Ok, enough of that learning stuff.  I HAVE TO POOP…



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3 thoughts on “The Magnificent Magnolias”

  1. Wes, Bogie, loves them purty magnolias, too. Wes just enjoyded them the other day: mamsie was sniffing at the tops, me was sniffing at the bottoms. Pure harmony!

    Bel (added a tiny bit of his own input to that harmony .. he hee)

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