I love to meet my fans – there are so many really lovely people out there who just need to get in a little Bogart worship when they’re in my town – and I UNDERSTAND.

This is Susan – we tried to meet up at the Just Dogs Gourmet today but they were closed!  While that of course makes me sad, I am really happy to we got to meet as she’s only in town for a short time from Houston.

All of the excitement, all of the talking, all of the walking.  There is nothing like meeting other Airedale people!

Oh, did I mention that she has her own sweet Airegirl named Magnolia?  Hubba Hubba!  You are ALWAYS welcome to bring Miss Magnolia along you know, I mean that it would be great to see you again, but if you just happen to have your pretty Airegirl with you then that would be ok too…

Susan took this lovely shot of mama and me – look how I seem like I’m listening and obeying her every command!  A ruse of course, but it looks great in a photo!

Susan it was SO NICE to meet you, and we hope that the next time you find yourself in Philadelphia that maybe we could all chat longer.  I hope that you get to Just Dogs Gourmet before you leave to get a squirrel cookie for that sweet Magnolia of yours!



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4 thoughts on “Greeting My Fans”

  1. Bogie, we are so happy that people stream from all over the world to get their dose of Airedmiration and shake your mighty furry paw. You are a powerful Friend Magnet. And that picture of you and your mama is priceless, we totally LUV it!

    Bel (and ma Nata)

  2. L & B, The pleasure was mine. If you happen, my way Miss Magnolia Delight and I would love to see you two.

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