Ice, Ice, Baby… (dum dum dum dum da da dum dum)

I was first attracted to the leaking bags because, well, anything leaking on the street gets my attention.  But.. just bags of ice.  A bunch of humans seemed to be planning some sort of party to which I apparently wasn’t invited.  Silly fools, don’t you know that I BRING THE PARTY…


Spring has sprung here in Old City, the sun is out and people are smiling.  LOTS of Airedmiration going on today.  Many visitors walking around with maps, looking up just in time to see my fuzzy mug and smile.

Ah, another dog store.  I can sniff ’em out pretty much anywhere.

BONeJOUR to you too!

I wanted to go inside – mama insisted that she didn’t have her wallet, and since I didn’t have mine either (still working on generating some cash myself), I just left a message.

Springtime brings out flags…

And the grass is beginning to get green again.

But wait… there seems to be a large number of people in MY park.  More than usual.  Must investigate.

Notice the technique – sneaking up on them, whistling (if I could whistle), looking around as though I’m just part of the background.

Apparently we’d missed the main thrust of the day – there was a gigantic pillow fight today in Washington Square Park.  You crazy humans…

I too engage in some fine pillow fighting when I need to wrassle it away from mama in the middle of the night or correct a cat who has somehow found themselves sleeping on my bed.  But in public?  I think not.

Well, well, well… HUBBA HUBBA!  This fine wire fox gal is named Minx, and what a cutie pie she is!

She’s got fine terrier spirit and adorable ears.  I like that in a girl.

Big kisses to ya Miss Minxie – hope we can do some more sniffin’ soon!



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3 thoughts on “New Times in Old City”

  1. What a fun time Bogart! Your coat looks so wonderfully thick and full…I would have had to lift my leg on those ice bags-how did you ever restrain????

  2. OHOHOH…Bogie met a wirey girl! She sure is a cutie.

    And I admire the restraint you showed in not peeing on the ice. Probably couldn’t have resisted it me self.


  3. And Bogie, you are not a part of the background, you are The Centerpiece of the front page! 🙂


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