This does not compute.  I come to my very favorite store, Just Dogs Gourmet, and the lights are out and the door is closed to my nose-pushing.  What does it mean?

Store Closed due to power outage.  Still doesn’t compute for me.  Who needs power – I WANT COOKIES

They do, of course, have another lovely window display but that isn’t really satisfying me.


Even the fake dog that sits out front thought I should be able to have my cookie.  Yes I know that I can come back another night, but damnit, I was thinking cookie the entire way over here.  And mama is almost out of poop bags and she refuses to use sandwich bags like many of the folks here use.  Apparently my poop is way too powerful for one simple sandwich bag (don’t ask).  Ah well.  Another time (soon)…



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4 thoughts on “Feeling Power-less”

  1. Hope your store gets power soon!! Poop bags are mighty important. Heehee… the note warning the kitties 🙂


  2. What an outrage, Bogie, me feels your pain … But then again, me don’t understand many things about hoomans. For instance, why is it that they placed the NO SMOKING sign at the dogs’eye level, huh?? There should have been an automatic solar powered cookie dispencer there, instead. Rrrrr …

    Bel (just fuming, ya know … Now, mama, where is MY cookie? You don’t want me to send you after your shovel, do you … sandwich-schmandwich bag … he heeee)

  3. Oi, Bogie, wait! Is that an Angel Kiss spot I see on your tongue???? Melovesit!!!

    Bel (I want one of dem kisses, too!)

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