There is something ominous in the streets of Philadelphia… all you have to do is look up – yep, it’s a trash bag in a tree.

And that’s not the only thing that is worth looking up for – look!  It’s MY SHADOW

It’s been awhile since it was lovely enough outside to catch me and my shadow.  All the more reason to grab those sticks kids, and hold on for the ride!

I like to visit all of the parks in the neighborhood, stick proudly in maw.  Also makes it very easy to move through crowds.

Up stairs, across parks, it’s all good.  And there are a LOT more sticks to be found here…

… on our way to Old City.  Both mama and I really like walking around this part of the city, looking into gallery windows and checking out new potential restaurants and shops to visit.  And on the weekends, the Airedmiration is INTENSE…



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One thought on “Me and My Shadow”

  1. Such a beautiful sunny day, Bogie! And how sweet it is of you to take your mama out for a Sunday walkie. Love your method of “maw”ing thru the crowds.

    As for the garbage bag …. hope it wasn’t filled, errrr?

    Bel (stay away from the trees, Bogie. First it was birds to watch for, now – garbage bags … sigh …)

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