Uh hi.  My name is Bogart Handsome Devil and I’m a bone-a-holic.

These days I am partial to turkey bones, yes I will try almost any bone that you put in front of me, but I really, really like turkey bones.

I consider myself a pro at this chomping thing, yet mama always insists on watching me until the entire bone has disappeared.  Fine with me – if I was just chomping bones all alone that would mean that I have a PROBLEM.

The weather has been wet, grey, and generally uncooperative for indoor or outdoor photography.  So what’s a boy to do?  Strap on the bright red raincoat and LETS GO

Faster, faster, faster!  The wind is in my sails!  I must run toward my park…

For sticks, of course.  This kind of weather isn’t my favorite to walk in, but it’s my absolute favorite to enjoy the aftermath (or brief interruption) of…

Sticks, glorious sticks!  This way…

That way…





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3 thoughts on “Bone-a-holic”

  1. Ah Bogie, I am a stick-a-holic. I don’t get bones. Poor me. You have a great human that she gives you bones and keeps you company while you eat your bones.

    Lots of drool,


  2. Sticks, sticks, sticks, yeah!!! Datz life, Bogie. And your spiffy red coat is very uplifting for tired of winter gloominess spirits. So nice to see you out and about, buddy. Keep on walking, Handsome Devil, International Dale of Mystery!

    Bel (no, seriously, missed your cutidest pictures …)

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