Oh hello there.  I’m just having a little rest at the feet of the mama, having claimed this pillow as my own.  You rang?

Well, what is this?  My nose-button is heart-shaped!

Oh that smells good.  When did you get that, mama?  Did you go to the Just Dogs Gourmet bakery WITHOUT ME?  The only way I can possibly forgive you is if you GIVE IT TO ME NOW

Ok, haha, yes that’s hilarious, my heart-shaped eye patch.  You’re a comedian.

Gimme cookie.  Sure, I’ll be your Valentine – you KNOW that I’ll always be your Valentine mama – since you don’t have a human one.  Did I mention that it might be time to give me that cookie?

I like this holiday.  All I have to do is show you love and you give me cookies?  SIGN ME UP



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6 thoughts on “Love, Bogart”

  1. Isn’t that the way it always works…show love, get cookie?
    Or, just be your cute self and still get cookie!


  2. Thanks!

    Mama is working that day, but who knows (it’s supposed to be 65 degrees, maybe she will get “sick”)… I did want to let you know where my fave bakery is, however. It’s the just Dogs Bakery on Chestnut Street between 18th and 19th streets. Have fun if I don’t see you!


  3. Hi Bogart:
    It’s such a pleasure to meet you. OMG, are you a cutie! It also appears that the camera just might have been invented for you in particular – you’re very photogenic guy. Of course your mom probably deserves some credit too.

    If you would like me to share anything about you on my blog, please let me know o.k. I’d be more than happy to!


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