It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor… would you be mine?  Could you be mine?  I’ve got some awfully cool things in my hood, like Independence Hall… see?

Yeah, I don’t think it’s that fascinating either.  ONWARD!

So mama saw this in the distance and diverted us from our normal walkie pattern.  It’s an AVON LIPSTICK TRUCK.  She was immediately smitten.  In exchange for a kiss-print, she was going to get a free tube of lipstick from Avon.  YES PLEASE.

I chose a lovely red shade for her, knowing her tastes and all.  She’s not exactly a coral or pinky-nude kind of gal.

And – voila!  Kiss print accomplished, free lipstick pocketed.  THANKS Avon!  It’s actually really, really nice, it’s a pretty swirly red and it makes mama look purty.



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5 thoughts on “Ding Dong – BOGART CALLING!”

  1. Bogie! Now my muzzer is gonna walk my poor paws off lookin’ for one of those trucks. What a nice surprise for your Momma on (almost) valentine’s day. She is bootiful without lipstick, but we know female hoomans love their color stuffs.


  2. Oh, Bogie! Look what you’ve done. My mamsie is now throwing tantrums, screaming and kicking the floor, she wants hesself a lipstick, too. I want one, too. I’ll prolly EAT it!

    And your mama’s kiss print is just as purty as she is. Nuff said.

    Bel (maaaaaaa, that’s ok, I can leave my kiss print on your face, wannit???)

  3. On the second thought, how come Bogie didn’t get one? I can just see his beautiful smooch in bloody red right over there, on that board, shining bright along with beard and ‘stache and fangs’ imprints … Fit for a KING! he heee …

    Bel (again)

  4. Bogawt
    I don’t believe it
    I was thewe!!! wight thewe a few yeaws ago visiting my unkel.
    Did you smell me??????
    I think that lipstick idea is soo cool..You picked the pawfect shade..Mommi is not a cowal ow pink giwl eithew.WED all the way
    smoochie kisses

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