The 40-pound bag arrived to much fanfare here at Chez Bogart.  Both Bogart and the cats were absolutely FASCINATED by the box.  Sniff sniff sniff, scratch scratch scratch.  I was just tired from dragging the large package up 3 flights of stairs, and they used my tired-ness to their advantage – while Bogart’s mighty front paws held the box down, Kafka and Willie (the two orange tubby tabbies) began chewing on the box.  I’m sure they would have gotten inside if they had had more time – but it was time for the creature with the opposable thumbs to step in and open the box.

Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice for Large Breeds – this is right up Bogart’s alley!  The bag design looks fantastic – I think it sends a message of serious nutrition – and Bogart thinks it sends a message of DELICIOUSNESS.  It’s not often that he whines when food is involved, he is not a fan of most commercially-made dog food, but this caught his attention.  Gingerly I ripped open a corner of the bag so that he could sample his new food… but then that mighty paw came out of nowhere, ripping open a much larger hole (easy access, I’m sure he was thinking).  Pieces scattered all over the kitchen floor.  But then, like a game of connect-the-dots, they were gone.  Bogart had hoovered up every one.  Fantastic for me – no cleanup! – but I was also so happy that he likes the food!

Bogart gets homemade food supplemented with occasional kibble.  Chicken or turkey soup with vegetables and rice, made in his very own slow cooker.  I am particular about what I feed him, and always nervous about food recalls and contamination.  We have never tried Eukanuba food before (I don’t know why, I think we’ve tried almost every food in the pet store at one point or another).  It looks good, it smells good, there isn’t a lot of crap in it, and most importantly, my super-finicky-used-to-having-everything-homemade dog LIKES it.

So Bogart will be embarking (pun intended) on the 28-day challenge.  A little something crunchy to go with his daily soup (croutons, anyone?).

Lulu & Bogart

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