This is a heartbreaking story.

In Oklahoma, a man surrendered 3 Airedales to rescue (I’m going to give him a teensy tiny bit of credit for at least surrendering and not dumping them into a shelter).  The two lovely females are both heavily pregnant, and the male is the daddy.  It appears that these dogs have been used as puppy-making machines based on the history of the man.  The three dogs have lived their lives in a filthy outdoor kennel and have had litter after litter of puppies. They have no social skills and are petrified right now.

This lovely girl-Dale-mama is Pearl:

Pearl is 7, and she is also Lily’s mama.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  She’s just about to have her fine Dale babies.  No puppies for Pearl yet, but she is heartworm negative (yes!), both ears are infected, she has whipworms, and is in need of a dental.

And this pretty girl-Dale-mama is Lily:

Lily is 5, and is one of Pearl’s babies.  She is due to have her pups at the end of February.

This is Crockett, super-Dale-dad.

Poor guy, must be scared out of his mind.  And then a bath?  Geez…  Crockett is a beautiful boy, and the father of both girl-Dales litters.

Got some cash? They sure could use it right now.  We could only spare a little, but every little bit adds up.

Here is a direct Paypal link to help out these sweet Dales:  For Pearl, Lily, Crockett & their Pups

Got no cash?  You can still help! We are leading an effort to win The Animal Rescue Site’s Challenge (along with to get badly-needed funds to help out these sweet (and many other) Dales.


Each link will take you to The Animal Rescue Site.  Search for Oklahoma Airedale Terrier Rescue.  They are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

DO IT TODAY.  DO IT DAILY.  DO IT FROM EVERY COMPUTER YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. We have no connection with the OK Airedales rescue group (we live in Philadelphia, after all), but we have been really touched by this story, and we’re always happy to help out some Dales in need.

Need more info?  Please click HERE

Much Dale lovin’,


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5 thoughts on “Help a Dale in Need”

  1. Bogie and Lulu, you are terrierific, awesome people. We always look up to you. Thank you for posting this info. We didn’t have much to give at this time, so we did give a little, and do vote every day. We’ll be watching the story of Oklahoma Dales closely. So happy that for them it ended up like a fairy tale. But how many other … grrrrrrrrrrrrr …. millers are out there? They should be put in cages, abused, neglected, starved and bred non-stop, so that they can get the wonderful feel of it firsthand ….

    But this post is not about the bad people, this is about the kindness and generosity of the AireAngels who help, who rescue, who work hard, who donate. May they all be Blessed in each and every way!

    Bel (and ma Nata, and pa Greg,
    and Andy The Airedale, in Spirit)

  2. Thanks Bogart for a wonderfully written tale of 3 great ‘Dales!! The more the story gets out, hopefully the more support they’ll get! C’mon Airepeeps, let’s pull together for these precious Airedales that have never known the love and caring that our ‘Dales have known!!

  3. I cannot put into print here what I would do to these people who mistreat animals in such a way. Still these lovely dogs are now safe and that is great. Sadly so many more out there. Homans can be the lowest form of life sometimes.

  4. well, of course, I want them all to come live with me. but, i am sure there are much better options- closer to home. (Please say there are or I will have to get in my car RIGHT NOW!) Seriously, I hope and pray if we all pitch in that these sweet ‘dales and their babies to be will find homes where they can be cherished, loved and cared for!

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