Yes mama, this was a lovely long mid-day walkie we had today.  Yes mama, I have worked up an appetite.  Yes mama, I want to stop at the Just Dogs Gourmet doggie bakery.

I’m always fooled by the dog statue out front.  Always.

Looks like a lovin’ themed window for Valentine’s Day.  Dog lovin, that is!

I know what I’m lovin’… A penguin cookie.  Appropriate for how darned cold it’s been here in Philadelphia.

So now I present to you a new “the last thing a cookie sees” series:  March of the Penguins INTO MY BELLY

Head first, as always!




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3 thoughts on “March of the Penguins… INTO MY BELLY”

  1. My my, Bogie, what a carnage, those toothies of yours :):) no wonder your new friend in front of the store looks a bit .. errrrrrr … stoned. Although I can see that he most definitely smells good, if you know what I mean … heheeeee. Keep on chomping’em, dude!!!!!

    Bel (I. Want. A. Penguin. Too. Mama, NOW!!!!)

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