This morning, the view from my bedroom window looked like this – but mama still had to go to work.  Really?  Work?  On a day like this?

So as she was putting on clothes other than her dog-walking ones, we got a phone call.  SNOW DAY!!!

And I know exactly how to do a snow day.  The first order of business is a MASSIVE CUDDLE PARTY.

See?  Even Happy Bunny agrees (and he’s the most self-centered toy ever – a few of his choice phrases are “Lets talk about me”, “You suck and that’s sad”, and “Hi, Loser!”).


Cuddling accomplished – guess what’s next on the Bogart Snow Day menu?

If you said Big Walk in the Snow, congratulate yourself – that’s correct!

I fully realize that the snow is up to my chest.  That my mighty paws are completely buried as I scamper about.  AND I DON’T CARE

I can even find the odd stick that is above snow-ground.  Lots of ’em have fallen in the park, the weight of the snow on the tree branches being overwhelming for some of them.  Good for me, tho.

It’s almost like swimming, but it’s not.  As in, I’m kind of buried but I cannot move.  Maybe it’s time to head to higher ground, or lower snow.

I likey what some people do when confronted with overwhelming snow.  This was a huge snowman – simple, yes, but he made up in stature what he lacked in detail.

Rock on, Philadelphia!



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4 thoughts on “Snow Day – Surprise!”

  1. Hey Bogart, If you will send us some snow we will send you some of your favorite Portland Oregon Pine cones, but how will you keep it from melting?
    P.S. Didn’t you wana leave some pee mail on Mr. Snow?

  2. Wow! That’s a LOT of snow! We hope you and your mama had a great snow day! Thank doGness, the snow missed us this time! It’s very pretty, but our mom isn’t too thrilled with the whole Atlanta area shutting down for a week due to a little bit of snow and ice! She says that where she comes from, (Ohio) the amount of snow we had would have been a joke. They wouldn’t even close the schools unless they got as much snow as you did!

    Penny & Patches

  3. Bogie, you are such a Smooth Operator – poop lil Happy Bunny didn’t even see what hit him, or … shall we say what cuddled him .. he he hee. We would have cuddled with you, too, our whole family. And your bootiful snowy pictures looked very inviting … that is until mam lectured me on the subject of unpleasantries of the cold crispy snow and such … I kinda figured she prolly knew what she was talking about. Keep your tootsies warm, my dear friend Bogie.

    Bel (plenty of warm AireSmooches to keep you warm. Remember to share some with your mama and the kitties)

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