My newest fave soup… TURKEY.  Mama makes this for me with turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, butternut squash, okra, and lentils.  YUM.

Sekhmet is actually a quite helpful cat.  She keeps watch on the crockpot during the day, making sure that all is well.  She is the only cat I will allow to steal a bit of my turkey (as she is the only cat who will willingly let me lick her head, it only seems fair).



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3 thoughts on “Cold Night, Hot Soup”

  1. Bogie, sounds like your mama is a Soup Goddess. My mama almost swallowed her own tongue looking at the pics. Something is telling me she will try to steal some of your mama’s fame (as if that was possible … he heee). Me? Why, I will have to settle for a pound of raw meat for dinner, as usual. I would not mind to have a kitty head licking for dessert, but I get carried away with the kitties, so … sigh …. no kitties for me!

    Bel (ahhhmmmmm, that soup … I can smell it from over here … heavenly!)

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