At 5:26 AM Philly time (9:26 PM Aussie time) my name was emblazoned on the wall of the Australia Museum as part of  artist John Baldessari’s Your Name In Lights project.  I was able to wake mama up just in time, and it was well worth it.

I have now had my 15 seconds of fame.  Thank you John Baldessari for including me in the 100,000+ names.  It is indeed a thrill.



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3 thoughts on “My Name in Lights”

  1. Bogie, pal, just knowing you makes me feel immortalized misself.


    (Wait, why is my mamsie secretly wiping out the corner of her left eye? It has nothing to do with food … me don’t get it ….. )

    Bel (kids, Bogie and I are pals … Yep, I know him … Ok, I’ll sign your autograph books, take your places in a long long line over there, please)

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