In the great game of stick procurement, sometimes things don’t always go exactly my way.  Humans wind up with sticks that are either held too high, or thrown too far.

But there is simply no reason why I shouldn’t have any and all sticks that I see.

Really.  Truly.  I MEAN IT.

Oh yeah?  You think that holding that stick just a little too high is going to somehow keep it in your hands rather than my gaping mouth?


Here’s a tip for you doggies – once you get the prized stick in your mouth, begin what I affectionately call the “Airedale Death Spiral”.  Hold on tight and run in a circle.

If necessary, bite a little closer to the hand holding the stick.  That always gets ’em moving faster.  And moving faster is what you want – in a circle.

Round and round and round you go, and pretty damn soon the human will get dizzy.  Then you can make your escape, stick in maw.

You’re welcome.



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4 thoughts on “Airedale Death Spiral”

  1. Ahhhh, ThankYou Bogie, pal, as always. Your instructions were so superb that my mamsie got dizzy from just reading and imagining … he heee … Cons: she didn’t have a stick in her hand, no, not even a darn cookie or some other munchie …Could you please share with us some of your secret advanced mind-controlling techniques, so that we could deliberately guide our mamsies to the cookie jar, or refrigerator, the kitchen in general, pleeeeeaaaaaase???

    Bel (always hopeful)

  2. I’m a big fan of the head tilt, followed by a full-on lap dog position (jump into mama’s lap with just the front of your body – and stay there).

    Or just sitting near the cookie box quietly. Just a perfect sit. No begging, no crying. JUST SITTING. The humans just cannot stand it after awhile, and because you are being SO GOOD you will get that extra cookie.

    Mucho love to you my friend,

  3. Aourrrrrrrr …. got it! SupAire!! Thankyouthankyouthankyoumyfriend! Off to practice the new “magic”.

    Bel (ever-so-grateful!)

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